Learning through play

Young children learn mainly through play. They rehearse, copy, laugh,adapt and create. They make sense of the world and make it theirs. ” Play is safe and it does not threaten, say Alistair Smith and Bill Lucas in Help your Child to Succeed. It allows children to take risk. They can explore and be curious. They control and direct their own version of the world around them. Play is a great way to learn!”
At La Nounou, children are encouraged to predict, explore, talk, imagine and practise through a variety of activities, which cover the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Some activities are directed and linked to a theme (animals, the seaside…). They are always differentiated and tailored to each child’s stage of development, individual needs and own interests. Indeed, we always base our planning on information from parents, observation of children and guidance from the curriculum. The EYFS curriculum is divided between three prime areas of learning and development and four specific ones.

“Activities are meaningful, stimulating and fun and adapted to meet the individual needs of each child. Consequently, children are having an absolutely fabulous and enjoyable time as they choose to play in and outdoors. They relish their time in the childminder’s home and are extremely confident and self-assured.” Ofsted.





“Children are imaginative and inventive. They make sense of the world around them in stimulating indoor and outdoor areas and create exciting individual art work with a variety of medium.” Ofsted.


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La Nounou’s activities
Many thanks to Helen Renouf for putting this list together.