Children are La Nounou’s focus point. We have children in mind when we reflect on our organisation and in everything we do everyday. To follow Marion Dowling’s analogy between plants and children in her opening speech “How do your children grow?” at the Ealing Early Years Conference (November 2012), we aim at giving children “Tended, self-regulated care”.

Tented self-regulated growth reunites the right conditions for a plant to grow, with initial careful attention and an on-going watchful eye. Similarly, tended self-regulated learning results from creating the ideal conditions for children to learn and develop.

At La Nounou, adults use playful structures, know the children intimately, encourage natural social tendencies, help to develop links in learning and engage in authentic conversations. Children develop positive mindsets, enjoy challenges, build their identities as competent and capable learners. They personalise their learning through play and build their experiences through outings.