Admin FAQ’s and Notes

Some notes and answers to a few questions that crop up more often than most

Feel free to add to this page.


Attachment Docs

When providing documents as attachments to pages or posts, it’s better to have them in .pdf format rather than .doc (i.e. Word) – phones and tablets don’t know what to do with a .doc, but they’ll be able to display the pdf.

Depending on the version of Word that you use, you may be able to export your doc and save it as a pdf …. if not, there’s a free piece of software called cutePDF writer … once installed ( it’s a 2 part installation) you have a virtual printer on your machine (called cutePDF) . Printing to it will ‘print’ a pdf and allow you to save the file for use later. Amazingly, even though it’s free, there’s no advertising or logo in the end result.


Creating a new Page or Post

Most of the content of this site is pages … posts are for more transient/time based information.

Create a new page by using the +New link in the  grey admin menu (across the top of every page when you’re logged in)  – choose page from the menu that appears.

Enter the content and save your page (publish/update button)

To add the new page into the menu structure go to Appearance-> Menus.

Check that laNouNou is selected in the menus at the top of the page

In the left hand column, check the box in the Pages section for your newly created page  – then hit the Add to Menu button

Your new page will appear at the bottom of the menu items – drag it into the position you want it to be in