“La NouNou was a blessing for us.  It made the difference in our move from Paris to London providing a nurturing, warm home away from home for our child when she most needed it.  Both of our children thrived there and received a great base knowledge and understanding of the french language while being surrounded with the best child minders in the business.  The facilities are wonderful – warm and cozy with a big beautiful garden where the children grow plants, fruits and vegetables and learn about nature.   Alex, Anse and Laurence are incredibly patient, attentive and fun-loving.  We cannot recommend them more highly.  Thank you for six amazing years – our children will never forget it!” AG


“We have two children at La Nounou. Most importantly, they find it a warm, friendly, safe, caring environment – as you would expect in a family home. It is also a stimulating environment. The art and craft activities are particularly impressive, the results of which we see at home. We are not French ourselves and only speak the language to an intermediate level: already we find our children are teaching us new words, and correcting our pronunciation!” DS


“Childcare that’s better than being at home with a parent? I’d never have believed it possible….  But that has definitely been our experience!  When F.. started one day a week at la nounou it was intended as a fun supplement to full time parental care…. However after a relatively short time we realised she had far more fun and learnt far more there then she did with either of us – so, quite contrary to our original plan, we have both gone back to work full time!

So, what made us change our minds?  Alex, Anse and Laurence are all lovely; the other children are a nice bunch; the food is great; they encourage the children to get involved in messy crafts and cooking we wouldn t dare do at home; they make the effort to arrange trips and outings………. And, most importantly F …. loves it – even before she could talk, she would kick her legs in excitement at arriving, and when she could talk, it was even worse…. One of her first words was nounou …… said quite insistently on many mornings, letting us know what she wanted to do that day!!

I feel very lucky to have been able to give F…. A “french family” as well as our own!” SG


C’est sans réservation aucune que nous recommandons La Nounou. Un havre
d’amour et de tendresse qui comblera vos petits. Chaque matin vous les
déposerez dans les bras d’Alex, Anse ou Laurence en vous disant qu’ils
sont dans les meilleures mains du monde possibles.
La routine est fabuleuse et les activités sont variées, de la musique à la
cuisine en passant par l’art et le sport.
Vos chérubins seront absolument pouponnés, dorlotés mais aussi élevés avec
de bonnes valeurs et de bonnes manières. Difficile de faire mieux!
Vincent et Rosie (2 filles entre 2008-2011)