The childminders…
We are constantly working on improving our service. As reflective practitioners, we regularly carry out self-assessments and seek advice from colleague childminders and support coordinators.
The Ealing Early Years Childcare and Play provides fantastic training programmes. We regularly attend series of short courses that cover topics such as Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding children, Effective Communication, the Early Years Foundation Stage, Language and Litteracy, Storytelling, Art and Craft activities. Parents will be kept informed of our achievements in the Newsletter.

The setting…
Our last big project for the setting was the garden. It used to be a blank canvas, which was a terrific opportunity for great activities with the children. The biggest idea for last summer was growing a child-sized potager. We also wanted to plant a lot of flowers in pots that the children could decorate. We built a sandpit and bought a paddling pool although we did not get to use it! Here are a few pictures for you to see what we have been up to in the garden. We are planning on doing the same this year. The children are growing cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, peas and beans as well as culinary herbs. They have already planted a lot of nice coloured and scented flowers.

We sowed vegetable seeds in trays

We do have some more garden projects for next year. Check them out.

The garden projects
The carnivorous bog

Many thanks to
Clare Matthews for her great ideas published in Great Gardens for Kids, Hamlyn, 2005.
Photographs by Clive Nichols.