Sickness and Emergency policy

“The childminder has devised an excellent range of polices and procedures, which are shared with parents, to support her childminding practice. For example children who are infectious are not allowed to attend in order to prevent the spread of contagious ailments to other children.
The childminder holds a current first aid certificate, which means she can give appropriate care to children if there is an accident. She is diligent about recording any accidents in a log book, which is then brought to parents’ notice. ” Ofsted.

We strive to protect the children in our care from illness and/or infectious diseases; therefore we cannot knowingly accept into our care children that are either infectious or ill. We also strive to do what is best for the sick/infectious child and therefore we would either not accept them, or send them home, as that is where sick children want to be.

If one of us is suffering from an illness which is causing pain or is contagious, then the childminder will not work as we would not want to be responsible for knowingly infecting the babies/children of our setting with any virus. We will try our best to cover for each other and avoid disruptions for your children.

If we require time off due to illness, we will give as much notice as possible.


Our sickness management policy is as follows:

• We will not accept into our care any child that has an infectious illness, rash or skin condition mentioned on the ‘infectious illness’ list, where it reads that an exclusion applies.
• If a child becomes ill whilst in our care i.e. vomiting, diarrhoea, a high temperature, tummy-ache etc then we will separate the ill child from the other children (but not exclude them) and phone their parents/guardians and inform them that they need to collect their child. If we cannot contact the ill child’s parents/guardians then we will ask the child’s emergency contact to come and collect the ill child.
• If a child requires urgent medical attention  and we need to go to hospital with them, while we wait for their parents/guardians to arrive we will action our emergency plan.
• Our emergency plan is for one childminder to take the child who needs medical attention to A&E while another childminder stays on site with the remaining children. She will contact parents of the children in care of the childminder in hospital for them to come and collect their children.
• For less serious infections i.e. head lice we will separate the child from the other group members (but not exclude them) and telephone the parent/guardian and take it from there. We may decide that we could apply the ½ hour nit mousse or we may decide that the child needs to be collected. Each situation needs to be assessed individually as it depends upon the child, how many children we have in our care at that time and the parents/guardians etc.

We will inform the parents/guardians if their child has been in contact with any infectious conditions and ask that you, the parents/guardians, also inform us of any infectious illnesses that your child may have had or come into contact with, so that we can protect everyone as much as possible.