Equal opportunities policy

“All children are made extremely welcome and the childminder ensures that each child is greeted with resources that are presented attractively. Each child is valued as an individual and included in every aspect of the daily routine.
Activities are meaningful, stimulating and fun and adapted to meet the individual needs of each child. Consequently, children are having an absolutely fabulous and enjoyable time as they choose to play in and outdoors. They relish their time in the childminder’s home and are extremely confident and self-assured. The children have extensive opportunities to learn about themselves, each other and the world around them through organised activities, socialising at activity groups and outings to local places of interest. This positive approach enables the children to continue to develop their social and cultural awareness. The childminder gives children regular opportunities to learn about the world they live in through outings and activities that introduce them to other cultures, for example by attending a regular parent toddler group where children socialise with people from other backgrounds. Their appreciation of other cultures is further enhanced by the celebration of different festivals and the variety of resources that reflect different cultures that is available to them.” Ofsted.

This setting is committed to equality of opportunity. It opposes any direct and indirect discrimination against the registered childminders, their family, the children that are cared for, their parents and others coming into contact with this setting. We strive to ensure that the way in which the children, their families, and anyone else who comes into contact with our setting, are treated equally, regardless of gender, race, colour, age, marital status, disability, religion, social class, sexuality, employment status, ethnic or national origin or any other unjustifiable reason. Our setting not only reflects this in its attitude but aims to reflect this equality in our activities and games too.